Gardening Safety

Today we give Dr. Devin’s best tips to keeping your body safe while gardening this summer. Welcome to Dr. Devin’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop where my goal is to help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. We will answer these questions today:

  1. What stretches should you do before gardening?
  2. What is the best electrolyte drink?
  3. How much liquid should you be drinking while working outside?
  4. What condition is often associated with heat and headaches?

(Answers below the video 😉)


  1. Flexion/Extension, Side to side, Hands, Arms, Upper back, Squats
  2. Coconut water
  3. It depends on the heat of the day
    1. Hot days – above 90 degrees
      1. 1 hour 1-2 bottles of water; next hour coconut water
      2. Coconut water is the best drink to replenish your electrolytes
      3. Never Gatorade – bunch of lab chemicals in a cup
    2. Below 90 degrees
      1. 1 bottle of coconut water/2-3 hours
      2. 1 bottle of water/hour
  4. Dehydration

Join us next time so we can continue helping you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. Until then, contact me at 704-827-6560 or chiro@atkinsonfamilychiro.com

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