The Flu

Today Dr. Devin talks about the flu and gives advice on 5 things that can prevent and/or shorten the time you have time you have flu-like symptoms. Welcome to Dr. Devin’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop where my goal is to help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. We will answer these questions today:

  1. How much elderberry syrup should you take daily to help prevent illness vs. when you are already sick?
  2.  What is a great natural cough suppressant?
  3. Which Young Living Essential Oils are best for supporting your immune system?
  4. What homeopathic remedy can reduce flu symptoms?
  5. How much can chiropractic boost your immune system?
  6. Should you ever get a flu shot?

(Answers below the video 😉)


  1. Prevention – 1 Tablespoon/day. Sick – 1 Tablespoon 4 times per day.
  2. Local Raw Honey – swallow 1 teaspoon as needed. Local Raw Honey can also help prevent seasonal allergy symptoms!
  3. Thieves (kills 99.9% of germs), RC, Raven, and Peppermint
  4. Oscillococcinum – you can get it at most drug stores
  5. Chiropractic can boost your immune system by 200% and works best as a preventative measure.
  6. No. It is very rarely effective, contains a cocktail of toxic chemicals that will make you sicker and sicker over time, and causes more deaths yearly than the flu.

We keep both the Elderberry Syrup and the Local Raw Honey in stock! We have partnered with The Little Beekeeper. She is a certified beekeeper that got certified at only 9 years old!

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Join us next time so we can continue helping you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. Until then, contact me at 704-827-6560 or chiro@atkinsonfamilychiro.com


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