Dig deep within yourself to learn who you are and how to love yourself so you can heal mentally and physically.

February 13, 2019: Welcome to Dr. Devin’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop where my goal is to help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. In Episode 6, we talk about emotions and learn how to start to heal from them. We will answer these questions:

  1. How do you know if you have good emotional health?
  2. What is the mind-body connection?
  3. How do you improve your emotional health?

(Answers below the video 😉)


  1. People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. They feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships.
  2. Your mind can and will internalize your thoughts and emotions and may cause physical pain in your body.
  3. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates
    1. You need to recognize your emotions and understand why you’re having them
      1. Finding the causes can help you manage your emotional health
        1. Pray about the cause of your negative feeling. If it’s a person, write down their name and out loud say that you forgive and release that person. They owe you nothing.
    2. You need to find someone that you can talk to about your thoughts and feelings – possibly a professional
    3. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day
      1. Being grateful for what you have will help focus and ease your mind and will help to create a state of ease
    4. Do something good for others (especially if they don’t know who’s doing it for them)
    5. Go to church
      1. Here’s the link to Mecklenburg Community Church

Join us next time so we can continue helping you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. Until then, contact me at 704-827-6560 or chiro@atkinsonfamilychiro.com

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