Mindset Challenge

This video wraps up 5 weeks of a discussion on goals. In today’s episode, we give you a way to hack your brain so that you can actually achieve the goals that you only dreamed of achieving before. Welcome to Dr. Devin’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop where my goal is to help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle. We will answer these questions today:

  1. What is neural plasticity?
  2. How do you do directive affirmations?
  3. What are the only 2 possible outcomes of doing a mindset challenge?

(Answers below the video 😉)


  1. Neural plasticity is the ability to change the neurons in your brain.
    1. With time and the right mental exercises, you can turn a negative person into a positive person.
  2. Directive affirmations:
    1. Pick the 1 most important goal that you want/need to achieve right away.
    2. Get 15-20 3×5 note cards
      1. Write the goal at the top as if you’ve already achieved that goal.
        1. i.e. “I am a fit and active person.”
      2. Write down 2-3 action steps that you have determined that will help you meet your goal.
        1. i.e. “I run every day and watch what I eat.”
          1. “I eliminate gluten daily.”
      3. Write the goal down again.
        1. i.e. “I am a fit and active person.”
    3. Take your note cards and put them up in prominent locations that you will see regularly.
    4. Read the notes at least 15 times/day.
    5. Do it for 21 days minimum. (30 days is better and 40 days is even better than that).
      1. You will create new pathways in the brain that will rewire you toward achieving what you keep telling your brain it needs to be.
  3. You will either achieve your goals or you will stop reading the cards. Please keep reading the cards.
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