Unmasking the scientific research about school classrooms and regulations

What does the research say about masking our kids and their risk of Covid-19? I posted this picture yesterday and got some good dialogue going. So I decided to dig into the research about masking, immunity, and Covid so I could give everyone an update on the latest science. So if you want to trust the science, then here it is.

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I had to speak in code for the video so that it wouldn’t be censored. It’s crazy that we live in a time where you can be shut down for talking about the actual research that has been done by government agencies. “The thing” = Covid-19. “Artificial immunity in your arm” = the Covid-19 shots.

Here is some of the research:

COVID-19 Mitigation Practices and COVID-19 Rates in Schools: Report on Data from Florida, New York and Massachusetts

Demographic Trends of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the US reported to CDC

Natural infection vs vaccination: Which gives more protection?

Study: Recovered COVID patients don’t benefit from vaccine










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